Saturday, October 15

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone coming to Singapore

Google will be announcing Samsung Nexus Prime aka GT-i9250 on the 19 of October. It will be most likely to be installed with the next generation of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich)
The specification are announced below

Key Product Features
- 8MP Camera

- Dual Core Processor (1.4GHz?)
- FM Radio
- Capacitive touchscreen
- mDNIe tecnology
- Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 UI
- Bluetooth (4.0?)
- Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot
- Android Market

The chances of Nexus Prime will be coming to Singapore is quite high due to the fact the most of the Google Phones' is able to reach Singapore/Asia within two to three months. 

As usual, all the telcos including Starhub, Singtel , M1 will be able to push this great phone to the market. However, those who prefer large screen and choose Samsung Nexus Prime instead of iPhone 4s. 


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