Sunday, September 11

Install Adobe Flash to Nokia N9 ? Updates available?

Possibility of install Adobe Flash on the latest Nokia N9 MeeGo-powered?

The Nokia N9 will be launching around in late September and early October. However, it will be limited to certain parts of the world such as Australia, Asia and some parts of Europe. Nokia N9 will be powered by MeeGo 1.2 without the Adobe Flash.

Somehow it is align with Apple iPhone/iPad strategic software values since playing Adobe Flash on the mobile device is technically not efficient compared to an HTML5 video. However, the desktop or laptop version of Meego is able to install Adobe Flash.

I certainly hope that it is possible to install Adobe Flash to Nokia N9 because more than 70% of the videos is mostly dominated by Adobe streaming.

For more infomation about the specifications, please proceed here


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