Thursday, August 25

HP TouchPad Firesale in Singapore

Where to buy HP TouchPad in Singapore - This is a popular question now.

Recently, Hewlett Packard announced that they would be discontinued the HP TouchPad, Pre3 Series. However, they are still looking for other opportunities where the WebOS would be used.

Since then, they reduced the price of the HP TouchPad to US$99. Till now, there were lack of shortages and an increased in backorders around the globe including US, UK and Asia Region. HP Singapore Announced yesterday on their Facebook

Hi guys, here’s the latest update. AT HP BOOTH 8428 – HP DIRECT COUNTER ONLY The 16GB and 32GB HP TouchPads will be available for S$118 (S$126 with GST) and S$188 (S$201 with GST) per unit respectively during the first two days of COMEX 2011 (1-2 September 2011). 
Be prepared of overnight queueing and squeezing during Comex 2011 as there are ONLY 100 sets per day.


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