Tuesday, August 23

Buy Cheap Discounted HP Pre3 for £49

Discounted HP Pre3 Launching soon in EU and US?

HP TouchPad have been selling like "hot cakes" around the world. Although the product has been discontinued, thousands of people want a piece of the pie since it is selling for US$99 for the 16GB -

Some retailers can been informed that the HP Pre3 will be discounted for £49 in Europe and in the US around more than US$80. This might be the next wave of cheap WebOS. It has been estimated that cutting cost will cost the company $100 millions of dollars not forgetting that HP bought WebOS for 1.2 Billions of dollars.

You might need to get Ready to buy Cheap Discounted HP Pre3 and HP Veer 4G at sites such as Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.

Update 1: HP TouchPad Firesale here in Singapore


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