Sunday, July 17

HP TouchPad arriving Singapore soon?

HP TouchPad is the next generation of Palm (started as a PDA manufacturer/founder). Hewlett Packard acquired Palm including the WebOS. Right now, almost every known manufacturer wants to get a piece of pie from the Tablet markets.

In Singapore, there are various manufacturer started selling their own tablets including ViewSonic, Asus Transformers 3G, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 3G, Blackberry Playbook and lastly Apple iPad. Almost all started to sell Wi-Fi sets and then followed by 3G. 

Hewlett Packard announced that they would be bringing HP TouchPad WiFi to Asia-Pacific in 12 Aug 2011 , fighting fiercely with iPad 3 or even iPhone 5. Interested in HP TouchPad can head over to Harvey Norman, courts and other retail distributors.

Dont forget, HP has its own mobile phone named HP Veer and HP Pre 3, with the latest WebOS 3.0. However, installation of WebOS 3.0 - for HP Pre 2/ Palm is still a mystery.

HP Veer is available for sale since unlocked version is currently out. Do a search in eBay if you are interested.

Update 1: HP TouchPad 3G coming to Singapore


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