Saturday, February 12

Milestone 2 Released in Asia

Motorola Mobility released its second generation of Milestone in November in 2010. Finally, it has reached into the telcos of the local Singapore market and Taiwan market. Currently, it is running on a speed on 1GHz with Google Android 2.2 (Froyo) which support Flash 10.1.

For those owners of the previous version of Motorola Milestone, there might be chances that it will be receiving FroYo firmware in the 1Q (Quarter) of 2011.

The price of the Motorola MileStone 2 is as follows
  • $218 with M1 Litesurf Plan
  • $48 with  Singtel 3g Flexi plus Plan
  • $138 with Starhub Smartsurf 300


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