Thursday, February 10

Battery Life for HP TouchPad

HP acquired Palm in 2010 and has been doing a lot of research and development. Finally, HP showcase the family of WebOS products. There are three new WebOS 2.0 devices. Will They be coming to Asia, such as China, Singapore or Malaysia? Sincerely i hope that all WebOS devices like HP TouchPad coming to all the telcos like M1, Singtel or Starhub.

HP TouchPad, HP Pre3 and HP Veer. Almost all of them have 1Ghz CPU speed. It's really amazing that within six months of intense programming, integration and testing, HP is really to share the piece of share in the tablet market. However, you could try doing a SWOT Analysis of Tablets. The conclusion will amaze you. It is because there are almost three main OS(Operating System) that will fight within themselves.

Apple iOS , Google Android and  Microsoft Windows Phone. Based on my analysis, in terms of battery life, Apple iPhone might be the winner of the longer lasting smartphone. This is because due to Apple iOS of its "limited" multitasking compared to Google Android, Windows Phone and even WebOS. Although HP TouchPad have faster CPU speed such as 1.2Ghz, it should be taking up more energy compared to Apple iPad and devices using Google Android.

Therefore, i can conclude that the battery life for HP TouchPad would not be greater than Apple iPad and it should "theorized" will take up more energy.

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