Thursday, January 6

Motorola Xoom coming to Singapore?

Motorola Xoom might not be so popular compared with the Apple iPad. However, Xoom will be the latest gadget that Motorola is proud off. Thanks to its specifications, such as Dual Core Processor with a speed of 1 Gigahertz, too bad it is not using AMOLED (for energy efficient) or (Notion Ink LCD Screen). Motorola has divided the company into 2 operations. One company focused on their existing Walkie Talkie or Network business, another named Motorola Mobility, focused on emerging home entertainment such as Motorola Xoom and cellular phones.

Places you can buy Motorola Xoom, S$800 :  
Best Denki 
Harvey Norman

So far, Motorola is popular in the United States and certain parts of Europe compared to South East Asia such as Malaysia. When comparing to Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy S, XOOM is technically the better and responsive gadget. However, Motorola Xoom will be in Asia for the third quarter of 2011 if we have seen other examples such as Motorola Milestone, Defy and Milestone 2. Furthermore, Singapore Telcos such as Singtel and Starhub or Even M1 might not support the 4G network due to operating cost and etc.

Will Android 3.0 HoneyComb Tablets be the trend of Year 2011? The Time will Tell!

Latest Updates
1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Alternatives to Motorola Xoom
2. Its offically out, please head to the nearest major electronics outlet this friday!!


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