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Top 10 RSS Reader for Android and iOS

Readers for RSS feeds are undoubtedly the best way to stay up to date with news, new publications on your favorite blogs and other content. It is not surprising, therefore, that quickly found its place on smart mobile phones and other mobile devices with large touch-sensitive screens allow for a relatively comfortable to use.

RSS Readers for major mobile platforms a lot, so we will see some of those who most stand out with interesting functionality or usability. We take a closer look at four free - Pulse , my6sense , gReader and web services with Google Reader .

Platform: IOS Android
Developer: my6sense

About my6sense technician we have already written , but it is a really interesting solution to collect updates from the networks, Twitter, Facebook, and Buzz and integrate them with news from the account for Google Reader . Updates then collected and sorted by priority, as it automatically learns what news is most important to us. Such updates are not classified by the time of publication, and the application is trying to anticipate what news we will be most interested.

You must use a few days to really learn our habits and then quickly becomes a great tool for checking and reading news updates from social networks.

The application is freely available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android .

Platform: IOS Android
Developer: Alphonso Labs

Pulse had its premiere at the Apple iPadu experienced, and soon he found his way on the iPhone and Android. The main feature of the application is clearly a graphical interface. Sources is displayed in horizontal bands, where every news show with a picture or photo related to the article. The result is visually very attractive application .

In addition to ready-made sources, can add his or application linked to a reader Google Reader and select those sites and blogs that we want to monitor. It is true that the visual emphasis means that hardly manage a large number of resources as quickly begin to slow performance.

The application is freely available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android .

Platform: Android
Developer: noinnion

gReader the client for Google Reader and its main feature is tight integration with the online service. When the application is simply enter your user name and password and transfer all application resources and news. On the two-way synchronization, which means that it will be read and identified articles were read and marked in the Web service. So they are not going to happen, that would be asked to read a news twice - once in the dialer and again when sit down to a personal computer.

The application is intended to android and is available for free with ads or pay version without ads.

Google Reader

Some of the common reader for RSS feeds is almost certainly Google Reader. Not surprisingly, therefore, that Google has also prepared an optimized mobile version. By simply visiting a mobile phone address and it automatically opens the page tailored for mobile devices. For mobile services it offers most of the functionality that we are used to from the version for personal computers. Can browse the latest news, are categorized and sent by email or social networks.

Web application Google Reader is an excellent way to read news, and compared with gReaderjem much faster in operation. However, the course is not available when we have no connection to the Internet.

The choice of powerful and interesting reader for RSS feeds is therefore high. Users can choose different options depending on your needs and requirements. Especially with applications such as my6sense and Pulse, we can see that cell phones allow the emergence of many new innovations in display and reviewing news.


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