Friday, December 17

Solution for Nexus S GPS Bug

After the initial release of the Nexus S, there has been some commotion regarding the Samsung Nexus S unable to lock the GPS Bug. It has the similar problem on phones such as Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and etc.

Solution for Samsung Nexus S is needed.

It seems that they are using using similar hardware to solve the GPS lock problem as this problem still exists. Solution is needed to solve this core and important issue as users will not be able to leverage the fullness of the GPS of Nexus S. Without GPS lock, users will not be able to take pictures with GPS coordinates lock. It will also take more battery as it uses the Google positioning system rather than the hardware.

Please bookmark this page for further updates on solving the Nexus S GPS Bug

1. Users need to wait for the system updates from Samsung / Google.
2. ...


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