Wednesday, December 15

Sales of LG Optimus One Sky Rocket

It’s a lovely thing LG announced yesterday that Gingerbread would be coming to the LG Optimus One, otherwise they’d be dealing with what is now over 2 million owners of the handset inevitably complaining about their outdated OS version. That’s right. LG has given word that the 2 millionth Optimus One handset has been sold.

That is 25 days after they announced the handset broke the 1 million mark 40 days after release, a exceptional feat. Chalk it up to the low cost, quality product, and take no prisoners attitude that has brought the handset to very every corner of the globe on very any carrier you could name. It is really Impressive and wonderful.

LG managed to break into the low to middle cost of android handset which targets to developing countries to developed countries such as India, Italy and United States.
Of course LG also promised to develop and allows users to download Android 2.3 for LG Optimus One if Google do not restrict the speed of the CPU.


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