Monday, December 6

Remove onscreen keyword for Motorola Charm

Motorola Charm is an excellent and wonderful device for professional who do not want to use Blackberry and Nokia E series for messaging. It is currently built on Google Android 2.1 with its MotorBlur Features. However there seems to be a vital disadvantage.

There has been some minority of the Motorola Charm users find it annoying that the virtual or onscreen keyboard taking up the space for messaging such as writing an email or sms. Removing or kill the touchscreen keyboard is vital for the improvement of the Motorola Charm.

However, there seems to be workaround or any solution to remove the onscreen keyword. One of the solution is to root and jailbreak the device and remove the virtual keyword from the Android system (i believe is should be relatively easy but it may face a lot of problems due to different android apps)


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