Friday, December 17

Prevent more dust on Motorola Milestone 2

Feeling agitated when more dust in stuck inside the Motorola Milestone 2? Well, that the little problem faced when purchasing a Motorola Phone. This problem also occurs for the 1st generation of Milestone.

However, there are various ways to prevent dust from accumulating to the LCD screen for the Motorola Milestone. Dust using go inside from the earpiece at the to inside the screen. Users might find it annoying as they could not clean the dust as it is stucked inside.

1. Purchase a Sleeve to cover the phone. It could acts as a double protection either from dust or wear and tear. Normally the dust static will stick on the glass. However, using a sleeve such as Leather would dramatically reduce the dust.

2. Always maintain cleaning the dust every week. Using a wet issue or cloth to wipe inside the earpiece at the top of the phone.


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