Wednesday, December 8

Preorder Google Nexus S ? Possibly Singtel?

It has been almost a year since Google Nexus One came out. It has quite happening as Google allows anyone to preorder or purchase their Google Nexus One around the globe. The sales of the Google Nexus One didnt outsold iPhone 3Gs. However, it is the next best smartphone in this century.

Recently, Google announced their latest toys called Google Nexus S, Chrome Netbook and a few Gingerbread updates. Currently there isnt any full specifications of Google Nexus S. However, it has a 1GHz Hummingbird processor with built in NFC. Lastly, it will be the first handset that will be bundled with Google Gingerbread Operating System.

Will there preordering of Google Nexus S ? This seems to be a difficult question to be raised. If Google allow preordering, it will be a excellent news. However, there doesnt seems to be it. Google Nexus S (It is manufacture by Samsung) S = Samsung

If Google do not allow Nexus S to be preorder, i guess users need to wait for their local operator such as Virgin Mobile, Orange, Singtel or other relavant operators in their region to be released. Personally, most of Samsung phones or tablet are reaching into the ASIA region much faster compared to Apple iPhone and iPad.

Detail specifications of Google Nexus S

Would S be a representative for Singtel? Or would be unlikely for Samsung to make the phone exclusive to any operators? What would be the best strategic options ? This remains to be a curious question.

If you are interested of seeing the differences between ARM Cortex and Snapdragon Processor, proceed to this link

Update 1: If you are interested in the user guide, please proceed here

Update 2: Tips on buying Google Nexus S in Singapore


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