Tuesday, December 28

iBread Phone for Apple Fans

In March, we introduced one of her biscuits to the president of Softbank, the iPhone and iPad's exclusive cellular carrier in Japan, Masayoshi Son, who was quoted as saying: 'I'm so happy. I cannot possibly eat this!'

FANS of Apple's iPhone who can't get of the popular gadget can now travel to Japan to gobble up a tasty cookie modelled on the popular smartphone.

A small countryside bakery in western Japan has enjoyed a surprise hit with its 'iPhone cookie', a handmade chocolate biscuit decorated with colourful, edible application icons.

Since then Ms Kudo has sold hundreds of the cookies. 'It is surprising to have such a large reaction,' we said. 'At first, the cookie was made to meet a friend's request and I had no purpose of receiving additional orders.'

Green Gables in Tokushima prefecture pioneered the tasty treat in 2008 as a special birthday gift for a customer's husband, said Kumiko Kudo, the 44-year-old owner of the store. But the biscuit gained nationwide fame after a picture of it made the rounds by Twitter

The hand-made iCookie doesn't come cheap at 2,730 yen (US$35), and is only obtainable by order and inside Japan, where the waiting time to snap up one of the biscuits has been as long as two months.


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