Tuesday, November 23

Nvidia Tegra 2 Tablets

Nvidia said that they would be focusing on mobile platform which will be compatible with Android and Chrome Operating System. However, if you want to purchase a Nvidia Tegra Tablet, you can look below for more information

Let me introduce one of the first android tablet with Nvidia® TegraTM 250 running at the amazing speed of 1GHz which is comparable to the Apple iPad. FANS of Google's Android OS now we can rejoice with the launch of Toshiba AS100 Smartbook

A place in Android 2.2 and works with Nvidia Tegra 250 mobile processor, Toshiba tries to pack the best specs on his debut in Tablet PC to compete with Apple iPad. SD card slot lets you view and upload photos a breeze, something that can not be done on the iPad. The USB port is a very necessary function for Smartbook, which only has 8GB of internal memory.

Connecting my external hard drive and was traveling and playing all the videos without a hint of delay. The player also recognizes the common file extensions so there is no need to convert your videos. If you are still not satisfied with the generous multi-touch screen 10.1-inch, Toshiba AS100 Smartbook is able to connect via an HDMI cable to your TV and enjoy your videos in full glory HD.

Web browsing on the Smartbook expected, good as compatible with Adobe Flash Player.
(You turn on the Toshiba website after purchase). A significant decrease Toshiba AS100 Smartbook is the absence of an application store (Android Market). This could be due to the lack of applications that support the Smartbook.

First time users of this must allow Smartbook to connect to a computer before they can begin to manually install new applications. Toshiba Smartbook AS100 may be a competitor for the position held by the current iPad as Android users will be more attractive. But despite the additions, such as a USB port and SD card slot, the lack of applications is still a problem

Update 1: Windows 7 Tablets spotted in Singapore


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