Thursday, November 18

CityVille Plans to expand to iPhone and iPad

CityVille, gamers set up restaurants and businesses, export goods via trains and boats, build schools and clear land for city expansion. It's a scenario that will feel familiar to fans of SimCity, the "build your own metropolis" game that debuted in 1989 and launched a string of bestselling sequels.

CityVille is a warm and fuzzy place: a chubby chef happily ladling soup, a policewoman smiling warmly while dangling a pair of handcuffs. "It's harder than you think to make everyone come across as friendly,"

In a video Interview from Zynga, Zynga hopes to bring CityVille to iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices. Personally, i think that users will be able to play CityVille from their Android Phones or tablets.


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