Monday, September 13

Nvidia Tegra 2 tablets - Galaxy Tab and more

Few days ago, Samsung has unveiled its mobile tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US,Europe (Hope that it is coming to Singapore) in order to complete with Apple iPad.

However, there are a range of tablet(s) that are rising. Nvidia Tegra 2 will be the next in line for a whole range of Tablets. Products such as LuvPad AD100 is heading to Japan, Froyo and Tegra.

Nvidia Tegra 2 Multitouch Tablet listed below:

- LuvPad AD100
- StreamTV Elocity A7 (pre-order on Amazon with Android 2.2, Tegra 2, with a price of US$370
- PCSmart by Colombia with Windows 7 Series
- Toshiba's Folio 100 with Android and Tegra 2
- Hannspree Android 2.2 with Tegra 2 for a 10.1 inch
- DreamBook ePad N7
- Notion Ink Adam priced at US$498
- MSI's Slatebook 10-inch Atom tablet
- WeTab tablet ( Intel & Nokia ) MeeGo
- ExoPC CAD $649, GPS (X) with SanDisk SSD
- Aigo's 7-inch N700 tablet with Android 2.1 and Tegra 2
- EAFT Magic Tile & Compal with Nvidia Tegra 2 and Android
- ASUS Eee Pad with Nvidia Tegra 2


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