Friday, September 10

Battle between Samsung ARM Cortex and Qualcomm Snapdragon

What is the differences between ARM Dual Cortex Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon ?

Mobile Chip manufacturer between Samsung ARM Cortex and Qualcomm Snapdragon will be facing a head to head competition. Currently both chip makers are well-known for their 1Ghz processor e.g. products like Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Galaxy Tab , HTC Desire , HTC Legend and more.

There are other mobile chip competitor such as Apple A4 which is a variant of Samsung ARM Cortex and Intel (Apparently, it is likely that they might start a price wars) between OEMs, to offer great price and speed.

Both ARM Cortex and Qualcomm Snapdragon currently have speed up to 1.5GHz in the production but ARM Cortex A15 can also be scaled up to 2.5GHz in a quad-core format for use in home entertainment products and servers which may be a treat.


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