Tuesday, July 6

Canon Wonder Camera Specifications - Concept Prototype Camera

During the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Canon brought out one of its concept camera or prototype camera called Canon Wonder Camera. One of its features that is wonderful is that you do not need to change lenses again when shooting near or far objects unlike Digital Single Lenses (DsLR) Reflex.

There are more details and pictures below,

It is able to zoom around 100 times?

Features include high quality panoramic shot, with 50 million pixel camera one-time shot three full HD screen,

it should also be mosaic for the panoramic photo; ultra-high magnification zoom, to use broadcast to achieve 100 times zoom lens.

It also has a very large LCD screen. Easy for all ages to use.

However, one of its drawback is that it is very big to carry around like clubbing or travelling.


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