Sunday, April 4

Latest Updates of iPad Jailbreaking Techniques

Apple iPad has been released! There are three methods that can get us an Apple iPad jailbreak, and these are: greenpois0n, geohot, and iPhone Dev Team. ( 3 potential iPad jailbreakers )

1. greenpois0n iPad jailbreak
greenpois0n is an upcoming jailbreak utility created by the Chronic Dev Team. Screenshots have been posted by p0sixninja, one of the main members but he has not announced anything else.

2. geohot
Geohot has proven himself many times. He has created the easiest jailbreaking software ever (blackra1n) He is waiting for an 3G iPad so that he can jailbreak.

3. iPhone Dev Team
The iPhone Dev Team consists of a lot of smart iPhone hackers. Although the iPhone Dev Team is usually not quick in releasing jailbreaks, their jailbreaks are always the most reliable.


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