Monday, April 19

NVIDIA ion2 Netbooks in Singapore?

NVIDIA's Ion 2 chipset "the next generation of Ion", but NVIDIA is finally signing on the dotted line and giving up the deets on the new Intel Atom-compatible graphics chipset.

Some of the manufacturers include ASUS 1201N,1201PN, Lenovo C200 Ion2 and Acer Aspire 532G. There are one of the biggest PC / Netbook manufacturers. Both the 16-core Ion chip for desktops and eight-core unit for netbooks are based on the GeForce G210 GPU by NVIDIA. We will be looking out desperately for Ion 2 laptops locally. However, only a few models spotted out in the United States and EU.

Asus EEE 1201N, ASUS's first Ion netbook was released in December 2009
The specifications are
* Atom 330 Dual Core
* Nvidia Ion
* 12" LCD at 1366x768
* 4 - 8 hours battery life

After a four-month wait since December 2009, 1201N still hasn't reached Singapore. I guess because they do not want to cross-sell the sales with their main laptops and netbooks with ion2.

ASUS 1201PN Singapore soon ? (Newer model)
The 1201PN model was announced to replace the 1201N.
The specifications are:
* Atom N450 processor
* Nvidia Ion 2
* 12" LCD at 1366*768
* 10 hours battery life (with Optimus)
It might cost around $S900 - $S1100 depending on the configurations

Acer AO 532G Specifications
* 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor
* ?GB Ram
* Nvidia Ion 2
* 10.1 Inch Display with 1024 x 768


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