Friday, April 9

Multi-Touch on Sony Xperia X10

Although, Sony Ericsson X10 proved that it cannot support multi-touch. There has been way to bypass the device. Although it is using capacitive touchscreen, it can be able to work on the simple gesture such as "Pitch and Zoom"

First, you need to root your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Second, install Dolphin web browser on a Sony Xperia X10

"Touch web browser mega shootout" ( On page 7 of that article you talk about using the Dolphin web browser on a Sony Xperia X10, and state specifically:
"Feature wise, it adds tabs on top of the page for easy switching between multiple pages. Gestures are enabled too, including the lauded pinch zoom (though you have to root the phone to enable multitouch)."
As there is currently some question as to whether the Xperia X10 hardware can support dual-touch, I was wondering if you could please confirm whether you actually were able to use pinch-zoom on Dolphin on the X10, or whether the statement above was a generalization of the Dolphin web browser and not reference to your own specific experience using it on the X10.


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