Monday, April 5

Free OVI Maps Turn by Turn Navigation For E71 and E66

Nokia Ovi Maps is been installed on most handsets or mobile phones developed by Nokia which are equipped with GPS chipset to provide GPS navigation service. Previously, turn by turn navigation in Ovi Maps is chargeable paid service. Since January 21st, 2010, all functions of Ovi Maps application has been made free, including turn-by-turn navigation for drive or walk navigation, and navigation support on more than 70 countries or regions.

The new version of Ovi Maps also features improved and refined user interface (UI), support geo-location sharing on Facebook, and offline navigation or map browsing where maps can be loaded on to the phone device to navigate with GPS without data connection.

Nokia E71 and E66 users who can’t wait to install and use new Ovi Maps can use the following hack to download and install new version of Ovi Maps 3.03 into the device:

1. Copy the Ovi Maps .sis or .sisx file to Nokia E71 And E66.
2. Use the phone’s File Manager to start installing Ovi Maps. Follow on-screen instruction to complete installation of Ovi Maps.

Download link

You might also want to check this:
1. Main Menu/Tools/Settings/Connection/Access Points do not point to your service provider
2. Main Menu/Tools/Settings/Connection/Packet Data/High Speed Access=Disabled.
3. Main Menu/Options/Settings/Internet/Connection and select Change and Offline. (under Maps)


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