Friday, April 23

ASUS Netbook 1201PN Singapore Released?

Hardwarezone has just done a simple review about the ASUS Eee PC1201PN. This might hint that it may be release to Singapore soon.

What great about the ASUS Eee PC1201PN ?

* Built in Nvidia Ion 2
* Either Intel Configuration such as D410, N450 and D510
* 1GB of Ram (Maybe RAM upgradable to 2GB)
* Optimus technology (For Windows 7 Home Premium)
With ASUS Eee PC1201PN NVIDIA's ION 2 on board, the unit is capable of rendering 1080p resolution HD Flash videos with no problems. GPU load was around 40% and CPU load was around 90% when loading and playing the video but dropped down to 50% after the video was cached while GPU load remained much of the same. These numbers are however not final since our prototype isn't even equipped with the right specs and drivers. Stay tuned in the near future for our full review.
From HardWareZone

I have a hunch that ASUS Eee PC1201PN will be coming to Singapore after the PC SHOW 2010 in Suntec. Usually it should be the case.

Take a sneek peek @ link


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