Sunday, March 28

Transfer Nokia Contacts to Android

1) Use Nokia Sync to copy all of your contacts to Outlook Express.
2) Connect Android phone to your PC and use your Android phone sync software (i.e. HTC Sync) to sync from Outlook to the phone.

Worked for me! Except a couple of issues;

1) Seems that the house number on addresses is missing on the HTC phone (I guess that field in the Nokia address book does not exist on this HTC Hero, so can't be 'copied' across).

2) In the Nokia, you can have multiple phone numbers for each contact with unique 'tag' (i.e. "Mobile- personal", "Mobile - Work" etc. etc.). The HTC doesn't seem to able to manage this, so some numbers not copied across.

2nd Method:
I copied all my contacts to my SD card in the Nokia, by:
Marking All my contacts
Select the Copy option and copying it to the SD card

Upon going to my Gmail account going to Contacts and clicking on 'import' (top right) I found that only one .vcf file can be selected at a time to import - I had close on 300! How can I create one .vcf file from 300? Then I found a simple instruction in someone's post. Simple, if you are running Linux, that is:

Open a terminal.
Go to the folder where your 300 .vcf files are nestled.
Type cat *.vcf>contacts.vcf
Voila! You will find one file called 'contacts.vcf' with 300 contacts inside, amongst the other files in the folder. I imported this file into my Google Contacts.

Lastly, download this Simple as ABC


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