Wednesday, March 31

When iPhone HD or iPhone 4G or iPad Mini in Singapore ?

Apple iPad has sold around 400,000 sets, however will Apple iPad mini come to lower the price of iPad?

In early February, has already appeared information that the next generation iPhone will have a screen diagonal of 3.7 inches, and about a quarter inch (6.35 mm) will be higher than their predecessors. Also, it was assumed that the device will proximity sensor / light. Now the service YouTube video appeared, published user SmartPhoneMedic, which allegedly shows the front panel along with the iPhone 4G fixed on her screen.

The Wall Street Journal is talking of Apple releasing two new iPhones this summer; one for AT&T and another for Verizon, the large American CDMA network. This would signal the end of AT&T's exclusivity over the handset in the States. Whilst that' all very interesting it isn't much to do with us chaps who live in the rest of the world, but, commenting on the WSJ's lack of details, Apple pundit John Gruber has thrown his hat into the speculation ring and offered up something a wee bit juicier. Gruber says that the new model will feature an A4-family CPW, a 960x640 display, a font facing video call camera and OS 4.0. The speculation doesn't stop there though as Engadget have gotten in on the act with an apparent launch date being touted as the 22nd June (which would be a Tuesday as many have already noted).

We will be waiting patiently for iPad Mini, iPhone 4G or iPhone HD possible?


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