Monday, March 22

Install Android 2.1 to Starhub Milestone

How to install Android version 2.1 to Molorola Milestone

For flashing of firmwares, you need a SBF (Motorola's way of firmware extension), RSDLite (Window's program to do the flashing) and Motorola USB drivers.

Below are the steps you need to take:

1. Download RSD Lite and install.
2. Download your firmware of choice below:
Retail Hong Kong/Singapore 2.0
Retail UK 2.0
Retail Hong Kong/Singapore 2.0.1
Retail UK 2.0.1
Retail South Asia 2.1
Retail Singapore (Starhub) 2.1
Retail UK 2.1

You will need to unzip it to get the SBF file. You can use WinRAR or 7zip to do it.
3. Install Motorola USB drivers (if your don't have it installed)

Windows 32-bit Drivers
Windows 64-bit Drivers

4. Backup your files on your Milestone. It will wipe your phone. (Contrary to what others say, these firmwares are not Service firmwares which will not wipe your userdata.
5. Make sure your battery is at least 50%.
6. Switch off your phone.
7. Put your phone into bootloader mode: Press trackpad up and power button at the same time and wait for the screen to light up, then release it. You will see the bootloader version 90.xx.
8. Connect your USB.
9. Start RSD Lite. It should show that the phone is connected.
10. Click on the "..." and browse to the SBF file you downloaded.
11. Click on "Start" to begin the flashing process and wait till it's completed.
12. The phone will reboot twice and you may re-setup your phone once it's fully booted.

DISCLAIMER: Do it at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any bricking of phone or software problems. I'm only replicating information that is available on the net.


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