Sunday, February 7

Ways to Save Battery Life on Google Nexus One

In general the Nexus One gets great battery life but there are some things you can do to maximize your battery life. Here is a list of the things, granted everyone situation is different so all of these things may not work for you.

- Force your phone to stay in 3G mode instead of 2G + 3G: You can do this by going to your phones dialer and entering *#*#4636#*#* > Phone information (scroll to the bottom) > Set preferred network type, change this option to WCDMA Only.

- Use a static wallpaper: If you use a normal static wallpaper instead of a live wallpaper you will save battery because your processor wont be running so hard.

- Disable GPS: From the settings widget on your desktop just disable GPS when its not in use to save battery. I use this when at work and turn GPS back on when I leave.


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