Monday, February 8

MicroSIMs available in singapore for iPad?

At their press event on 27th January Apple announced that their tablet device, the iPad, would utilise micro SIM cards. Until now most operators and handset makers have opted to use mini-SIM cards which have become the 'standard' SIM card we know today.

The micro SIM's chip is the same size and carries the same features as its bigger brother but is held by a piece of plastic no bigger than the chip itself.

Consumers may be disappointed that they will be unable to use their existing SIM cards in the iPad, which lends weight to the suggestion that Apple's move is, in part, for the operator's benefit.

However, we do not know which telcos in Singapore will be releasing Micro-SIMs ? Singtel / Starhub / M1 currently do not support micro SIMs. Reports that Micro SIM manufacturer Gemalto confirmed it is supplying products to O2 and Orange in the UK. Engadget also reports that the company is supplying micro SIMs to T-Mobile and AT&T.

iPad might not be able to attract the locals nor the telcos like Starhub or Singtel. It is because till now, there is only iPad currently using MicroSIMs.


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