Tuesday, February 16

HTC Desire & HTC Legend reaching Singapore soon?

The product names of HTC Desire and HTC Legend seems to be the Top End Phones. Definitely hoping them to reach to the local telcos. So far Singtel got the exclusive right for HTC Dream (G1). HTC Hero & Tatto phones have been brought by M1,Singtel and Starhub!

Lets guess who will be bring the HTC Desire and HTC Legend to Singapore, lets post your comments below!

Basic Specifications of HTC Desire and HTC Legend.

Latest News: [HTC DESIRE OUT IN SG] on 14 MAY.
HTC Desire Basic Specs:

Speed: 1GHZ Snapdragon
Size : 3.7 inch AMOLED
OS : Android with Sense UI with FriendStream, with install Flash 10.1
Countries Availability : Europe & Russia, Asia

For more, An invitation has been sent out to media of an impending press event to be held on the 14th May 2010. It is speculated that the event should be the launch event of HTC Desire


Balakrsna on March 8, 2010 at 11:16 AM said...

I was hoping these phones would be released in time for the it show this weekend(11-14march) in suntec but I seriously doubt that it would happen...
It would be an excellent oppurtunity to boost their sales though =]

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