Monday, February 1

How to Sync Yahoo email for Android

There is a problem syncing Yahoo email on the Google Nexus One, the workaround solution is below

1. If you're having trouble with Yahoo mail on your Nexus One, and we know that many of you are, try these steps.
2. Open the email feature and choose "Add Account."
3. Enter your full Yahoo email address and password and choose "manual setup".
4. Select the "IMAP" button.
5. On the Incoming server settings screen, enter "" in the IMAP server field and "143" in the Port field. Your username and settings should populate automatically, but just enter them again if they don't.
6. On the Outgoing server settings screen, enter "" in the SMTP server field and "587" in the Port field.
7. Check the "Require sign-in" box and go to the next screen.
8. Select how often to check for email and browse the default options.
9. Give your account a name and you should be done.

However, free yahoo email cannot sync using Wi-Fi as Android restricts.
Source: cnetasia


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