Monday, February 8

AC Ryan Playon! DVR HD IT Show 2010

AC Ryan Playon! DVR HD IT Show 2010

Based on the Realtek 1283 chipset, it delivers extensive file compatibility that includes MKV for Blu-ray rips and RealNetwork's RMVB of variable bitrate extension. There's also the advantage of integrated TV tuners (analog and DVB-T or dual DVB-T). These enable broadcast reception as well as recording up to crisp HD quality and Dolby Digital surround sound, together with convenient Web record scheduling capability.

The highly versatile Playon! DVR HD with hybrid analog and DVB-T tuners will be launched in Singapore at the IT Show 2010 from March 11. Pricing and regional availability are not known for now.

Key specifications

* Music, photo and video playback via HDMI 1.3 output
* Network attached storage with DLNA-compatibility
* Supports internal SATA harddisk up to 2TB and external USB/eSATA drives
* Digital video recording for TV shows up to HD and via composite A/V inputs
* Dual TV tuners (analog and DVB-T or dual DVB-T)
* Networking via Ethernet and optional 802.11g/n USB dongles
* Component-video, composite-video, digital optical audio and coaxial audio outputs
* BitTorrent client
* HTTP/FTP file server

Video Supported
* RMVB (Realmedia)
* XVID, WMV , DIVX 6.1
* and more


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