Wednesday, January 6

Disable 3G Connection Nexus One

Disable 3G / Data connection in android is not easy. However, with Google Nexus one or any android phone it will be simple now. You do not need to pay for expensive phone bills anymore.

More information below:
2 Application to disable 3G or data Connection - Droidsans Tweaks Lite or APNdroid...

Once you installed Droidsans Tweaks Lite,
you can use it to disable the APN, or you can just to to the APN settings and change the APN name, so that the phone couldnt find a non-existent APN and fails to get a data connection.


Toggle that prevents your phone from connecting to internet over 3G/EDGE/GPRS. This application modifies APN names and types by adding 'apndroid' suffix to them.


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