Monday, January 18

Differences between Motorola Milestone and Droid

The Milestone works damn well considering first gen software - reboots, autofocus doesn't work every 24.5 days for 24.5 days, GSM radio jams now and then ... but when it works it's blazing fast and Android 2.0's greatest feature, for me, is the ability to have the native gmail client access multiple gmail accounts, including Google Apps emails (your company's emails hosted on google)

Motorola Milestone have / come with:
- Multitouch
- 2.0 firmware
- 8GB microSD

Motorola Droid have / come with:
- Voice Dialing and Voice Searching
- 2.0.1 firmware
- 16GB microSD
- Hard Reset by holding X button (

Hard Reset on either phone is different, while going to Safe Mode is the same: just hold the Menu Button on boot. Or the middle cursor button.


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