Monday, January 4

Apple 4th Gen iTablet or iSlate Spec

Be surprised by Apple again! Rumors is out! Apple iPhone 4th Generation. Either it will be called iTablet or iSlate or iPhone4G, it doesnt really matter. The specification of the iSlate / iPhone4G / iTablet will be below

It will be out in January of 2010! So far is below US$1000. I guess it would be sold for around S$800 - S$1300, Singapore dollars, depending on the size of the harddisk. I can guess that it uses a SSD drive. hee =)
Rough "Sketching" picture is below: Take a look =)

The specifications:
10.1 inch Screen Size
MultiTouch Technology ( As always)
Bigger than iPhone
3D Graphics
Video Conferencing
Virtual Keyboard


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