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How to add Multitouch function on Google Nexus one

The most obvious implementation of multitouch that everyone wants is pinch zoom. This makes precision zooming possible in the browser, high definition photos, and maps. The top handset makers like HTC and Motorola have recognized that people want this feature and they have implemented it on their Android phones where they control the software.

On the Google experience Android phones, where Google controls the software (like the G1, MT3G, Droid, Nexus One), most of the native apps do not implement simultaneous touches. Only the virtual keyboard uses multitouch to improve error detection.

Download MultiTouch for Google NexusOne

** You need to ROOT your Nexus one **
Luke Hutchison has ported his multitouch controller to Eclair and Cyanogen has released a modified browser that implements pinch zoom. These are the same guys responsible for many of the multitouch apps on the G1 and myTouch so hopefully we will see other modified apps for the Nexus One soon.

For anyone who has already hacked their Nexus One, it only takes about 30 seconds to install the modified browser. I tested this hack on my Nexus One and it works just as expected. It is a great start and hopefully we will have pinch zoom in the gallery in the next couple of weeks.

The pinch-zoom helper code was written by Luke Hutchison. I've placed it in a separate framework jar so that it can be used by other apps (hint hint).
WARNING: You will initially lose your bookmarks and browser settings by doing this.
Get the following files:

adb shell stop
adb remount
adb shell rm /system/app/Browser.odex
adb push Browser.apk /system/app
adb push /system/framework
adb push /system/etc/permissions
adb shell reboot



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