Tuesday, August 4

Windows Phone OS Previously 6.5

AT A RECENT Microsoft event the INQ was given an exclusive walkthrough of the final version of the new Windows Phone operating system, running on a touch screen HTC Touch Diamond2.

Above, we proudly present a video of that demonstration of the final version of the Windows Phone OS, which was previously known as Windows Mobile 6.5.

This demo shows off the redesign of the completed OS user interface and its Zune-esque look and feel, which hadn't been captured on video before.

Video available Below

Seen for the first time are Microsoft's new 24-bit menu icons for accessing all of the Windows Phone applications. The icons replace the standard folder view seen after pressing the Start button on the current version of the Windows Mobile OS.

The Market Place for Windows Phone is also demonstrated. This is the online software application repository for the Windows Phone, which is much like Apple's Itunes App Store on the Iphone.

Also appearing for the first time here on the INQ are the new My Phone synchronisation features of the Windows Phone OS, with which the mobile's contents can all be backed-up to the cloud via a Windows Live account. The My Phone PC client software can also remotely wipe the handset if it is lost or stolen and can download all the SMS, emails and contacts to a replacement mobile.

Still missing from Windows Phone is the multi touch 'pinch to zoom in and out' ability of the Iphone, which is not due to appear until the next Windows Phone OS release.

The INQUIRER has been told that the Windows Phone OS will arrive before Christmas, possibly around the same time as the Vole's public release of the Windows 7 operating system for PCs on October 22



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