Friday, August 7

Comparing Between Nokia E71 & E72 Preview

What is the difference between Nokia E71 and Nokia E71 ?

Many will be seen only outside of these models and consider them similar.But changes in such quantity as to be a new Nokia E72 device. On the fact, if you look at these models, they are different as heaven and earth. Let's look at the table and see all of the major differences.

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There were no differences from the Nokia E71 on the quality of work I could not miss. . Another trend affecting the location, in different situations, the phone is heard differently. To explain this, I will say so. Nokia E72 on the table sounds louder in the pocket of my jacket - quieter, but in general the problem with the speaker volume is no. The question of habit, since the Nokia E71 does not complain at that. Vibration call remained exactly the same.

Apply a different design of the rear cover. It is fastened securely, there is no backlashWhat changed the design - is unclear, the previous was also reliable.

From the pleasant moments worth noting that the increased speed, faster-sensitive apparatus. On the other hand, and the work has grown by 20 percent, in the same mode device is longer than the Nokia E71. Thank you for this is to say FP2. The camera does not produce stunning impression, it is ordinary, but the clear winner of the Nokia E71.


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