Friday, July 10

Overclock Netbooks like IBM Lenovo S10

Netbook chipsets more popularly known as Intel 945 features the same GMA 950 graphics are not really the best known graphic chipsets for notebooks. And I would have to agree that this is true with my Eee PC 1000HE or IBM Lenovo S10 when comparing its display with a regular laptop’s graphic performance. Now, there seems to be a solution to this graphics issue – that is a way to boost your netbook’s graphical performance.

Go download this software. It will overclock your IBM Lenovo S10 netbook or other nettop.

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UMPC Portal has stumbled upon a free program called GMA Booster. What this little program does is to boost up the graphics performance from the normal 133/166 MGz to 400MHz. While doing this, the GMA Booster does not change your netbook’s voltage level, and neither does it push the clock speed to a level beyond its regular level.

UMPC Portal noted significant increased in graphic performance of a Sony Vaio P and HP Mini 1000 when the GMA Booster was tested on these machines.

The GMA Booster works with various netbooks for as long they use the GMA 950 chipset.
You may download the GMA Booster here.



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