Saturday, June 27

Sony Ericsson Green Phones C901 GreenHeart

Even wanted a environmentally friendly phone ? Here you can. Sony Ericsson has 2 such phones.

The handsets are the C901 and Naite, continuing the trend of giving handsets actual names rather than just designations.

The C901 features environmentally friendly features such as an e-manual, which saves 90% of the paper normally used in producing a paper manual.

The C901's casing is made from at least 50% recycled plastic and its display uses 50% less energy than standard displays.

Finally the handset is coated with a special paint that reduces exposure to volatile organic compounds. Naite, the second handset announced, comes with a low power charger.

Specifications of C901

- 5 MP camera,
-2.2" 262k colour display,
-16x digital zoom, -
-HSDPA, a-GPS and
-M2 support.

Specifications of Naite
-2 MP camera,
-2.5x digital zoom,
-A2DP and a 2.2" 262k colour screen.
Unlike the C901 Naite supports microSD cards.


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