Sunday, June 28

Install Android on Samsung Omnia ? Possible

Do not be alarmed. This phone look like Android Samsung Omnia. I thought that someone managed to install Android (Cupcake) on Samsung Omnia. Dont be fooled by the design and style of the phone. Too bad we cant patent certain design or style.

Well, we will be waiting for the authetic SamSung Andriod [updated, its possible] . I really wish that they pumped or install Android on Samsung Jet with the amazing fast CPU!!

Take a look at the picture below:

GeeksPhone Specifications:

GeeksPhone One,
- a Cupcake-powered phone featuring a 625MHz PXA310 core,
- quadband EDGE plus HSDPA
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- 3.2 megapixel primary camera plus a front-facing cam for video calling, and
- microSD expansion
-rolling with a resistive 3.2-inch touchscreen.

NEW since rev78:[Android on Samsung]
+ SGH-i900 specific kernel based on 2.6.29 (sgh-i910 should also work) (Thx to Stefan Schmidt!!)
+ Basic battery support (no fake driver needed, but still not full detected by Android)
+ Basic touchscreen support (freezing randomly)
+ Full 128MB RAM support
+ Some buttons working (phone down (=back), volume up/down)

-Your screen turns black,
-Your text streaks vertically,
-The flash stays on, or
-The text gets chopped off
...reset your phone and try again. If you get all 4 of these in a row you win a cookie!
Also, you'll have to re-format your ext2 partition.

For more info, please proceed here


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